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My Story

It was a school teacher that first suggested that my mum should take me along to the local gymnastics club. I had a lot of energy as a child, could never sit still and was always up to mischief. I fell in love with gymnastics from the moment we met and our friendship has taken me all over the world. When I began in the sport, Great Britain was ranked the 23rd best team in the worldOver the past decade I've been part of a generation that has climbed to the very top of the mountain and now regularly fights for medals on the world stage. I was part of the men's gymnastics team that won a historic bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympic games. I've suffered career threatening injuries, missed out on the Rio Olympics and faced a recent battled with depression and anxiety. My twenty year career has given me lifelong memories, a few war wounds and one hell of a story to share.

Motivational speaking

Primary Schools

Interactive assemblies aimed at inspiring children to take up sport through my success story. 


Live gymnastics demonstrations, 

showcasing the key gymnastics skills: strength, power, flexibility and balance. 

Gymnastics Clubs

Open Q&A sessions with gymnasts, parents and coaches covering my twenty year career in the sport and the lessons I've learned. 


Technical demonstrations breaking down some of the key movements that helped me reach the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Mentoring Programme

I had great success in the early part of my senior gymnastics career but inevitably I made some mistakes along the way. They would in time lead to injury, missed competitions and significantly impact my mental health. I hope to use my twenty years of experience to help the next generation of gymnasts avoid some of the unnecessary challenges I faced. There is a big difference between competing as a junior athlete and then making the transition into the senior ranks. I've watched this process unfold countless times in gymnastics clubs all over the world and have been through it all myself. My aim is to help young aspiring athletes navigate their way through the challenging world of elite sport.

Join The Wolfpack

Mentoring Program

The aim of the Wolfpack mentoring program is to support young athletes with ambitions of reaching the elite level of the sport. 

I have twenty years of experience and knowledge and my aim is to help guide you towards your personal goals.

The Six Week Plan

Weekly online meetings focussing on improving all aspects of your learning and development into high level gymnastics. 

I'll use my experience of working with some the best coaches, athletes and support staff in the world to add value to your training.